10ct Sapphire Ring With Pavé Set White Diamonds

A customer recently commissioned us to make a rather interesting ring. The ring was to be set with a sapphire due to it's astrological significance and the design must allow the sapphire to touch her skin. To satisfy her requirements we designed a setting with an open back and set the sapphire lower than we would normally do. This allowed the culet (pointed base) of the sapphire to touch the top of her finger when worn.

We began by sketching ideas for the sapphire ring and worked to refine them before arriving at the final design. The sapphire used in the ring is a beautiful cornflower blue and weighs in at 10cts!
Sketches for large blue sapphire ring

The ring was hand-carved in wax to create a graceful form with lines that flow around the ring. Its curving form and partly open bezel setting perfectly complement the sapphire. The wax model was then cast in 18-carat yellow gold, which sets off the colour of the sapphire perfectly. Delicate lines of pavé white diamonds flow down each side of the ring, echoing the curves of the gold form.

10ct Sapphire and carved yellow gold ring

On a purely aesthetic level the finished ring is a gorgeous piece of jewellery and sure to turn heads. For us it was also a pleasure to create a piece of jewellery that will have such significance and meaning to its wearer.

10ct Sapphire and carved yellow gold ring

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