A White Diamond Aegis Shield

Our Aegis collection that we launched late last year has been a decided hit, which we are so overjoyed about! We have had so much positive feedback from our customers who love our take on using these unusually cut stones, it has made designing each one a true joy.

White diamond aegis shield in 18cy yellow gold multiimage

We are constantly on the lookout for more of these shield and kite shaped stones and we found, what we believe, is the most beautiful one yet. This 1.14ct shield shaped diamond is truly one of a kind. It has a sparkle that you could absolutely get lost in and is completely mesmerising.



If you would like to have a look at this ring and feel how natural it is on the finger and how stunning it is to look at, it is available to view in our London Atelier. Get in touch if you would like to make an appointment to try this ring for yourself, you’ll know we’re not over exaggerating on the beauty once you lock eyes on it!