A Celebratory Amethyst Arris

A statement ring if ever there was one, this gorgeous Amethyst and yellow gold Arris ring is as stunning as they come. Created by carving the fluid curves of the ring in wax and then casting into 18ct yellow gold, the shapes of the free form Amethyst are accentuated and imitated in the metal to bring a cohesive feeling to this celebratory ring. 

Amethyst Arris Cocktail Ring Free Form 18ct Yellow Gold

Commissioned by Andreea to celebrate her completion of her medical studies which has been “29 years in the making of education, med school and specialty training”, we can’t think of a better way to say “I did it!”.

This ring was inspired by another ring we have featured in our Arris collection. Although similar in profile, this fancy cut Amethyst Arris ring has some slight differences. On the right of the video above, you can see the ring we created for Andreea is a taller stone, making a peak in the centre of the surface, which follows an elongated “S” shape and has more of a curvaceous feeling. The fancy cut Amethyst Arris that is on the left in the video can be viewed in our London Atelier.

Amethyst and Yellow Gold Arris Dress Ring

If you would like to try on our Amethyst Arris ring, or try any of our jewellery, please pop into our London Atelier or Dublin workshop or contact us to make an appointment to discuss your own bespoke ring.