Arris Ring in Rose Gold with radiant Malay Garnet

A recent commission. This one of a kind Malay Garnet Arris ring is set in 18ct rose gold, the warm hue lending well to the vivid red of the stone. The stone was chosen for its rich colour, and was a perfect match for one our newest Arris designs, in which the stone sits at an angle across the finger. The unique curves were created by wax carving, allowing for a perfectly fluid design, striking from all angles.

Arris ring in Rose Gold with Malay Garnet

As with each of our Arris rings the process begins with the stone. The proportions and gentle curves of each Arris reflect the shape of the stone. This particular ring was designed with the idea that the stone would sit a slight angle across the hand.

Arris Malay Garnet Ring carving in wax

Watch the videos below to see the transformation from a block of wax into to a spectacular curvaceous piece. A number of different tools are use in the process, beginning with a sanding piece and eventually ending with the lines and curves being perfected. The use of specific wax tools create the delicately sculpted look that makes the Arris range so unique.

Like each piece in our collection, this bespoke commission was designed, made and set in our atelier. If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke engagement or wedding ring, visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or get in touch for a chat.