Coloured gemstones and pearls from Inhorgenta

David and Barry have just returned from their annual pilgrimage to the Inhorgenta fair in Munich. Hundreds of exhibitors assemble each year at Inhorgenta to sell the best of everything related to the jewellery trade - from tools and supplies to pearls, coloured gems and diamonds. It is here that we source many of our most unusual and beautiful gemstones. Have a look at our latest haul...
Coloured gemstones, chrysoberyl, mandarin garnet, blue tourmaline trillion, and purple sapphire trillionThe intensely coloured gems above are (L-R): a 1.77ct marquise chrysoberyl, 1ct mandarin garnet trillion, 1.2ct blue trillion tourmaline and a 1.39ct purple sapphire trillion.

We're already working on designs for the pear shaped coloured gems below. The pair of matching bright green tsavorites are incredible stones and will make someone a beautiful pair of earrings very shortly! The stones are (L-R): bright green tsavorites, 1.61ct aquamarine, 1.43ct rose tourmaline,
Coloured-gemstones-green-tsavorite-aquamarine-tourmaline-sapphireOne of our first stops at the fair is to see a stone dealer we've worked with for years who specialises in large, fancy cut coloured gemstones. The gems are cut into from the back to create unusual patterns of light inside the stone. This year we found several beautiful, deep purple amethysts along with some golden rutile quartz. The largest of the amethysts is almost 14 carats:
Fancy cut amethyst gemstones

Fancy cut golden rutile quartz
Pearls are always hard to resist, and this year we brought home all sorts; white, pale pink Akoya pearls and black South Sea pearls. We have matching pairs of round and pear shaped pearls for earrings. The pearls below are Tahitian black pearls.
Black Tahitian pearls
And....faceted pearls!! These aren't seen as often as smooth pearls and have a different look altogether - it seems as though you can see deep into the pearl through a transparent outer layer. These pairs are destined for earrings and will soon be on display in our collection.
Black faceted pearlsLast, but definitely not least, Malay Zircon. The deep burnt peach colour of Malay Zircon is quite distinctive and looks particularly spectacular when set in rose gold as it accentuates the warm pinkish tones.
Malay zircon gemstones
If one of these gemstones takes your fancy then please do get in touch as nothing would make us happier than to make them into a beautiful one of a kind piece of jewellery!