Extraordinary Emerald in Platinum Engagement Ring

This emerald-cut Emerald is an elegant stone and gives a feeling of absolute luxury. A beautiful engagement ring, Dan proposed to Jenny with this ring after being together for 16 years on a beach in the Seychelles. She said yes! 

Emerald cut Emerald Platinum Arris Engagement Ring

Usually with our Arris rings, we turn the stone slightly so they sit diagonally on the hand, however this stone is set straight as per Dan’s request and with its beautiful proportions, it makes for a stunning engagement ring. 

Emerald Cut Emerald Platinum Arris Engagement Ring

Dan got in touch with a very picturesque photo of the beach where he proposed and the ring sitting very happily on Jenny’s finger. He said ”There are not many days that go by where something is not mentioned about it, we are both very pleased with how it turned out!”.

Dan and Jenny Beach Engagement Platinum Emerald Ring

Emerald and Platinum Engagement Ring on Hand

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