Faceted Tahitian and South Sea pearl drop earrings

Contemporary faceted pearl drop earrings on model

Our faceted pearl drop earrings feature South Sea and Tahitian pearls suspended on seemingly delicate wires of 18-carat gold. We've just added several new pairs of these curvaceous, feminine earrings to our collection.  Each pair is hand formed from 18-carat gold wire, which is curved to follow the shape of the face. A modern take on pearl earrings, these elegant earrings are equally suited to day or evening wear.

Rose gold faceted grey South Sea pearl drop earrings

Faceted pearls are almost magical in their appearance. Cut with up to 200 facets that create geometric patterns of light across their surface, these fascinating gems are a relatively recent invention. The cutting technique was developed by a Japanese diamond cutting company over many years and was only perfected in 1998. There are now many specialists in the technique, including independent gem cutters around the world. Tahitian and South Sea pearls are the most well suited to this technique due to their relatively thick layer of nacre (the iridescent outer layer of a pearl).

White gold drop earrings with light grey faceted South Sea pearls

The faceted pearl earrings seen above combine teardrop shaped pale grey South Sea pearls with 18-carat white gold. The pair at the top of the pages are black Tahitian pearls suspended on 18-carat yellow gold wires. We usually have several pairs of faceted pearl drop earrings in stock at any one time, which might include black, white or pink pearls in round or teardrop shapes.

Faceted South Sea and Tahitian pearl drop earrings

Drop in to our store to view and try on some of the faceted pearl earrings from our collection or contact us to find out more.

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