Fitted, shaped or contoured wedding bands

A fitted or shaped wedding band is designed to follow the contours of your engagement ring, so that the two rings fit closely together to form a perfect union. The design of your engagement ring determines the style of wedding band that can be worn next to it. You will need a fitted or shaped wedding band if your engagement ring has curved or usually shaped band, or if the stone settings extend past the edges of the band and would prevent a straight wedding band from sitting next to it.  

Why not just wear a straight wedding band? Simple, a fitted wedding band will look better. Not only will a fitted wedding band look better, it will also help to prevent wear and tear on your engagement ring. A wedding band that is not designed to fit your engagement ring could rub and wear away at the points that it touches.

What shapes can we make? Fitted wedding bands can be made to fit almost any engagement ring, from traditional solitaires to unusual asymmetric and sculptural rings. Many of our own engagement rings fit into these categories so we are well practiced!  To make our fitted wedding bands we use traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as forging and hammering alongside modern technology.

Here are some examples of fitted engagement and wedding ring sets from our collections, along with some more unusual bespoke fitted wedding rings from past commissions. We hope you will find inspiration here, and if you would like to find out more, please get in touch for a chat.


Forged by hand, this platinum and blue sapphire set is our 'Wave' engagement ring with a diamond-set fitted wedding ring. The hand-forged fitted wedding band is shaped to follow the curvaceous outline of the engagement ring perfectly. The cleverly shaped wedding band is set with sparkling white diamonds.


Balance platinum and white diamond engagement and fitted wedding band

Here, the graceful contours of the Balance engagement ring are complimented by a fitted platinum wedding band. Hand-forged and set with tapering white diamonds, the platinum fitted wedding band is shaped to echo the gentle curve of the engagement ring.

Wave platinum fitted wedding band with satin finish

An elegant, asymmetrical fitted wedding band to match a stunning platinum ‘Wave’ engagement ring set with a violet sapphire. In this set the fitted platinum wedding band is left unset, the smooth metal brushed to a matt finish to enhance its colour.

Balance rose gold and cognac diamond fitted wedding band and engagement ring set

A gracefully contoured fitted wedding ring, hand-forged from rose gold to match our ‘Balance’ engagement ring. The gently curved rose gold wedding band is set with cognac diamonds to match the engagement ring. Together the rings form an elegant, modern set.

 fitted rose gold and cognac diamond wedding band with cognac pear Twist engagement ring

This rose gold and cognac diamond fitted wedding band is hand-forged to match our Twist engagement ring. The two rings are shaped to twist and taper together – a perfect pair. A refined, contemporary ring set, the rose gold is brushed to a satin finish for a distinctive, modern look and is castelle set with glittering cognac diamonds. Pictured with the Twist engagement ring in rose gold, bezel set with a pear-shaped cognac diamond.


An asymmetrical, curvaceous rose gold engagement and wedding ring set. The hand forged fitted wedding band is made from 18-carat rose gold and set with white diamonds. It has been perfectly shaped to match the rose gold ‘Wave’ engagement ring, which is named for the way the metal sweeps up and curves around the diamond.

Bespoke asymmetrical fitted platinum diamond wedding band and engagement ring set

A bespoke fitted wedding and engagement ring set. This unusual wedding ring set was made for a customer who had seen and liked several of our rings. We combined some of the elements for her and the result was a stunning and unique pair of rings. Taking elements of our S-Curve engagement ring and sculpted 4-claw designs, we created a modern, curved engagement ring with a diamond set band, and an asymmetrical fitted platinum wedding band inspired by our Mobius wedding rings.

To find out more about having a bespoke fitted wedding ring made, please get in touch. We are very happy to discuss options and explain more about the process.