Forged gold and cognac diamond ring commission

Our most recent commission is this 'Twist' cognac diamond ring which was made using the gold from several old rings. Together several delicate rings provided enough gold to forge into a more substantial ring. Seeing the transformation take place is always satisfying...part of that could be that heating gold and pouring molten metal appeals to our inner pyromaniac.

The rings were placed together in a crucible and heated with a gas point until the metal was molten.
Gold rings ready to be melted down
Molten gold being heated in a crucible
Molten gold ready to pour into an ingot mould
The molten metal was poured into an ingot mould to form a solid gold bar. This was then rolled into a square bar in our rolling mill.
Gold being removed from the ingot mould
Heating a gold bar ready to forge
After rolling the gold bar it was heated again to anneal it ready for shaping the ring. The ring was bent into shape using a ring bender.
bending a ring from gold bar
The ends were then hand forged to taper them and create a setting for the stone. The image below shows the ring in the final stage, ready to be set with the cognac diamond.
Cognac diamond and recycled yellow gold 'Twist' ring before setting