Forged rose gold and amethyst earrings

This newly finished pair of forged rose gold and amethyst earrings is the latest addition to our collection and will very shortly be gracing our shop window. The earrings are hand forged from rose gold wire to create smooth, flowing curves which echo the curve of the face. Two elegantly proportioned 3 carat pear shaped amethysts are suspended below the ear in a graceful sweep of rose gold.


To make the earrings we hand forged 18 carat rose gold wire to taper it and form a setting for the stone.

Amethyst and rose gold earrings being made

Amethyst and rose gold earring

The asymmetric rose gold earrings mirror each other with a forged, tapered line of gold that curves up from the setting becoming a fine wire tendril through the ear. Coloured pear shaped gemstones appear like buds, and these deep purple amethysts work beautifully against the warm rose gold. Once the gold settings were ready they were bezel set with the amethysts, before being finished and polished in our workshop.

Stone setting in our workshop

This is a design we have developed and perfected over the years and have tried with many different colours, shapes and sizes of gemstone. Each time we adjust the curves to accommodate stones of different proportions and create a perfectly balanced earring.

Finished amethyst rose gold-earring on the hand