Forged yellow gold ring with princess cut yellow diamond

Forged yellow gold overlap ring set with yellow princess cut diamond

Our latest commission is this hand-forged 18 carat yellow gold and diamond ring. The concept for the ring came from our Overlap rings, which are also hand-forged. Made from yellow gold bar this bespoke design tapers as it wraps around the finger. A yellow princess cut diamond is set into the end.

To make the ring we began with a length of 18 carat yellow gold bar.

Making a hand forged gold ring from solid gold bar

The gold bar was hammer forged to create a gentle taper. Forging is precise and controlled hammering of metal to alter its shape or thickness. Forging can transform a thick bar of metal into a fine, delicate form. It is a centuries-old skill and is one of our favoured techniques. You will see hand forged pieces throughout our collections.

After forging we filed the ring smooth and finished it ready for setting.

Forged yellow gold ring on workbench

Below you can see the ring held in setter’s wax and mounted in a vice. We set all our stones like this; by hand, in our own workshop. We work under a microscope to ensure a perfect result.

Forged gold ring being set with diamond

A yellow princess cut diamond set into one end completes the ring. The finished ring is satin finished, which enhances the rich colour of yellow gold.