Gem Haul - Inhorgenta Jewellery Fair Munich 2014

Aquamarine, tourmaline and citrine gemstones

David has just returned from Inhorgenta with an impressive haul of gemstones to add to our collection. The stones shown are from some of our favourite suppliers, including a 5th generation stone cutter whose distinctive technique of cutting into the back of the stone creates incredible highlights and reflections. These gems have fluid lines similar to our own designs. Some of our more unusual pieces have been designed around stones such as these and we can’t wait to get started on the latest batch. The gemstones seen above are (from left to right): aquamarine, pink tourmaline and citrine.

Emerald, amethyst and mandarin garnet faceted gemstones
Above (L-R): emerald, amethyst and mandarin garnet.

Above: South Sea and pink freshwater pearls.