Hammered platinum wedding bands

rough hammer and final rings

A pair of his and hers hammered platinum wedding bands made recently as a commission. These hammered platinum wedding rings have a rough dimpled texture and a lovely matt lustre. Hammered rings have a raw, organic quality that can feel more natural to wear than a highly polished ring.

To create the hammered texture we use a hammer with roughly filed facets. The rings begin as flat platinum bar, which is hammered to create the texture then bent to form a ring, whilst taking care to preserve the outside finish.

Hammered platinum wedding bands

Finally our hammered wedding rings are given a highly polished finish on the inside for a comfortable fit.

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hammered platinum wedding ring set for men and women

Hammered wedding bands can be made in 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold or platinum. You can now buy hammered wedding bands from our collection online.