Lightening Ridge opal & diamond-set Arris ring

One of the newest additions to our Arris collection, this opal & diamond yellow gold ring is a showstopper!

 Sourced from Lightening Ridge, Australia, this gemstone has a gorgeous play of colour and shows flashes of red, blue, yellow and green. We began by sculpting the ring in from a block wax, creating the curves & lines characteristic of our Arris range. Once the wax was carved to hold the stone, the ring was cast in 18ct yellow gold, its rich tones complementing the colours of the opal. 

 The next part of the making involves carefully setting the opal & tapering line of sparkling white diamonds. The above photo is half way through the final flourish; the bright cut around the stone. 

We've documented the making of this extraordinary piece, watch the transformation from the initial wax to the final piece...

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