Matching mens and ladies wedding ring commission

Forged 'Overlap' matching mens and ladies wedding rings

These matching 'Overlap' mens and ladies wedding rings were a really nice recent commission. The wedding rings are individually hand forged from 18 carat gold and brushed to a satin finish, which emphasises the colour of the gold.

The ladies' band is smaller and overlaps just once. 18 carat gold bar has been hammered to taper the metal. It blends from a small square end, which broadens out as the ring twists around the finger. The matching man's wedding band is forged from 18 carat white gold. As with the ladies' ring it winds around the finger, this time overlapping once more to finish with broad angled tips at each end.

If you're interested in forged wedding rings drop in to see the latest forged rings in our collection. The 'Overlap' ring is one of our signature designs and we usually keep a few variations in our collection, including triple Overlap rings and Overlap rings set with diamonds.

Unusual forged 'Overlap' matching mens and ladies wedding bands