The McCaul workshop has a fresh new look

McCaul Goldsmiths has just reopened with a new look shop and jewellery workshop. We’ve been working on a refit over the past month and its been great to see it come together. We love the new space and are (almost) used to the new layout.

McCaul Goldsmiths workshop London

The workshop area has been expanded and our display area reconfigured to make it much more cohesive. Now the cabinets are integrated into the workshop so you can come in and browse inside the workshop and watch us at work.

McCaul Goldsmiths workshop London

The piece de resistance is the feature wall designed by David and Barry which runs the length of the workshop. We spent many long hours working on this and now we're rather pleased we did.

Wall detail at McCaul Goldsmiths' Atelier London

In honour of the new look we’ve also given our window displays a makeover with some neon orange to freshen things up. Drop in and see the new look shop - you can't miss it.

McCaul fine jewellery display London