Men's hand carved and engraved yellow gold ring

Hand carved and engraved gold men's pinky ring

We've just finished making this distinctive yellow gold men's ring, which is hand carved from yellow gold.

The ring was commissioned by one of our long time customers and was a pleasure to make. He asked us to design a ring to match one we had made for him previously and wanted to use some 22 carat gold which held a great deal of sentimental value to him. As there was not quite enough of his gold to complete the ring we alloyed his metal with some additional 22 carat gold and cast it into a gold bar. The bar was then milled out into sheet and formed into a ring.

For us it was an interesting and technically challenging project as the carved details on the ring were all created directly in the metal by hand, whereas usually we would carve into wax and then cast into metal.

Hand carved and engraved 22ct gold pinky ring

The design was drawn onto the ring, then carved into the gold using a hand engraver. Carving in this way achieves an almost primitive quality - we're delighted with the result.

Hand carved and engraved gold men's pinky ring

Hand carved and engraved men's pinky ring