Men's Wedding Bands

For many men, a wedding band will be the first and only piece of jewellery they ever wear.  It makes sense then to select a wedding ring with thought and consideration, to find a wedding band that reflects your own taste and style.  We can help you to find your ideal design, whether it is a classic men’s wedding band, something more contemporary with clean, simple lines, or a more unusual men’s wedding ring, with textured surfaces or sculpted curves. Having a bespoke men’s wedding ring made is an ideal way to do this. Buying bespoke allows you to create a wedding band that is entirely your own. This might be a simple adjustment to one from our collection, or it could be an entirely bespoke creation.

Our men’s wedding bands are made by hand using traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques. We pride ourselves on our unique designs and give utmost care to quality and finish. To show you what can be achieved we have selected some of the signature men’s wedding bands from our collection. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch for a chat, we’re always happy to help.

Hammered men's wedding bands in 18 carat white gold and platinum

The worn, hand-beaten textures of hammered men’s wedding bands have an enduring appeal. Men who are unused to wearing jewellery often prefer the soft lustre and raw texture of a hammered wedding band, which can feel more natural to wear than a highly polished band.  These men’s wedding bands are formed from flat gold or platinum bar, which is hammered before being carefully formed into rings. The outer surface is left with a rough texture which contrasts with the soft curve and high polish of the inside surface. Hammered wedding bands for men can be made with a flat or curved profile, and in your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold, or platinum.

18 carat rose gold Aeolian men's wedding wedding band      

Our unique and sculptural Aeolian men’s wedding bands are hand carved in wax before being cast in precious metal. A soft matt finish accentuates the rippling curves of this 18 carat rose gold men’s wedding ring. The subtle ridges are polished to highlight the sculptural lines of the ring. These unusual men’s wedding rings can be made in white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum.

Platinum men's Mobius wedding bands

Our Mobius ring is a sculptural yet contemporary men’s wedding band. Its undulating curves are inspired by the figure-of-eight form of the mobius loop, a mathematical expression of the infinite.   The width and thickness of this ring can be adapted to your requirements, and it can be made in your choice of 18-carat gold or platinum. The platinum men’s wedding ring seen above is the ‘slow twist’ Mobius ring, which has sculpted curves that flow fully around the outside of the ring band.

18 carat rose gold men's Mobius 'top twist' wedding bands

We make another variation of the Mobius men’s wedding band, with curves only on the upper half of the ring. This style is called the ‘Top Twist’ Mobius wedding band and can be seen above in 18 carat rose gold.

Hand-carved Dune men's wedding bands in yellow gold and platinum

The unique textures of our Dune men’s wedding rings are designed to echo the soft ridges of sand dunes. Each Dune ring is sculpted by hand in wax before being cast in precious metal. A soft matt finish accentuates the undulating surface curves around the ring. The ridges are delicately polished to highlight the texture of the ring. As these men’s wedding rings are hand-carved each is one-of-a-kind.

Unusual hand carved men's wedding bands in platinum and yellow gold

The unusual men’s yellow gold and platinum wedding bands above have deeply carved patterns that flow around the band. Their outer surfaces are brushed to a soft satin finish, which contrasts with the brightly polished cut patterns.  These striking wedding rings for men can be made in 18 carat yellow, white, or rose gold and platinum.

 Hand carved Ripple men's wedding band in 18 carat rose gold

Ripple men’s wedding bands are reminiscent of flowing water and are another of our signature hand-carved designs. These unique men’s wedding bands rings are sculpted in wax before being cast in precious metal. Each ring is one-of-a-kind. A soft matt finish accentuates the undulating surface curves around the ring, while the ridges are burnished to emphasise the sculptural curves of the ring. These substantial modern wedding rings can be made for both men and women in platinum, 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold.


Mixed metal men's wedding bands in 18 carat rose and white gold



A sleek, contemporary variation of the classic men’s wedding band. These men’s mixed metal wedding bands contrast 18 carat rose and white gold to create a modern two-tone combination. They are given a smooth satin finish which enhances the colour of the metal. Seen here in a gently curved court profile, they can also be made as flat wedding bands. Mixed metal men's wedding rings can be made in a variety of metals and colours, including 18 carat white,  yellow, or rose gold or platinum.

 Sleeved men's mixed metal wedding band in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum

A refined and modern mixed-metal men’s wedding band.  This ‘sleeved’ or ‘stepped’ variation has 18 carat yellow gold inside and 18 carat white outside.  A brushed satin finish emphasises the contrast between the yellow and white gold. This mixed-metal men’s wedding band can be made in a variety of metals and colours. 

In addition to these designs from our collection, you can also see examples of bespoke men’s wedding bands in our journal. Many of these have evolved from designs in our collection. If you would like to have a men’s wedding band made please get in touch for a chat.