Micro Pave Diamond Setting

18ct white gold diamond set earrings

Micro pavé stone setting is a technique we use in many of our designs. The technique involves setting tiny diamonds very closely together to create a line or sea of sparkling light. The gemstones used for micro pavé start from just 0.6mm in diameter and require such precision that setting is done under a microscope.

The Micro pavé technique was originally developed in Switzerland as a way of setting diamonds precisely in the bezels of luxury watches.
We are fortunate to have in-house experts in the technique. Barry and David both trained under some of the best diamond setters in the world in Antwerp, Holland, and Germany.

Each diamond is set by hand and held in place by four hand-cut claws. The aim is to strike a balance between leaving enough metal to hold the stone securely, but not so much that it hides the sparkle of the gemstones. Setting under a microscope allows fine control over this so that just the right amount of metal can be cut away.

micro pave diamond setting

Even at 0.6mm the diamonds still have the same 57 facets as a larger brilliant cut diamond and we always use the very best quality (F colour, VS clarity diamonds) to ensure a brilliant sparkle.

One of the reasons we use micro pavé in our jewellery designs is it is that it highlights curves so beautifully. Many of our designs are fluid and curvaceous. Adding a fine line of sparkling diamonds draws attention to these curves in a beautiful and subtle way.

18 Carat Forged Gold Pave Diamond Ring