Mobius hoop earring commission

Mobius hoop earrings

A bespoke pair of hoop earrings designed to match our Mobius wedding rings. Made as a commission, these sleek, modern earrings replicate the twisting facets of our Mobius wedding bands. The curved metal forms of the  Mobius hoop earrings are brushed to a matt-satin finish. On each earring a crisp, brightly-burnished line sweeps across the front, contrasting with the matt surfaces around it.

The Mobius hoop earrings are a new development for our earring collection. Their understated design, practical size and pure, modern lines make them an ideal choice for day to night wear. The Mobius rings they are based on can be seen below.

Unique rose gold Mobius wedding band for women

Our Mobius rings are one of the newest additions to our collection and it has been interesting to explore the Mobius concept further through this commission. If you are interested in having your own pair of Mobius earrings made, visit our bespoke page or get in touch for a chat. Mobius earrings can be made in 18-carat yellow, rose or white gold, or platinum. If you are based in London drop into our workshop and showroom to see more designs in our earring collection.