Rose gold Carve cocktail ring with fancy cut tourmaline and diamonds

Hand carved 18ct rose gold cocktail ring with green fancy-cut tourmaline and diamonds

This hand carved rose gold cocktail ring is the latest in our Carve ring series. Sweeping curves of brushed rose gold surround a beautiful fancy-cut tourmaline. The stone's deep blue-green colour contrasts with the warmth of the metal and two white brilliant cut diamonds set into the bezel provide a little sparkle. The ring is a piece for our collection and is now on display in our store.

Carved rose gold and green tourmaline cocktail ring

Carved by hand from wax, this one-off cocktail ring is designed to fit the curves of the fancy-cut tourmaline gemstone perfectly. Each of our Carve rings are made in this way; hand carved from wax, their form inspired by the shape and proportions of each gemstone. We select exceptional fancy-cut gemstones for our Carve rings, seeking out large, beautifully coloured stones with unusual, asymmetric cuts. These bold gems are balanced by the sculptural hand carved forms.

Tourmaline and diamond Carve cocktail ring

Our Carve cocktail rings designs begin with sketches on paper and evolve throughout the carving process. As the form emerges from the wax it is instinctively refined to create a ring with elegant proportions. The immediacy of wax carving gives us the freedom to create fluid, sculptural forms which compliment the gemstone.

Watch the video below to see exactly what we see when carving the ring. We use microscopes for much of our jewellery making and this video has been taken through the lens.
The wax model is smoothed off before being cast in 18 carat rose gold.
Below you can see the finished ring in 360 degrees. The rose gold has been brushed to a soft satin finish on the outer surfaces and is highly polished in the channel that runs beneath the stone. This emphasises the sculptural curves of the ring and helps to reflect more light into the stone. As the ring turns you can see the contrast between the polished and satin areas of the metal.