Rose gold and cognac diamond Arris ring commission

Rose gold and cognac diamond Arris ring

18-carat rose gold and cognac diamond combine beautifully in this sweet hand-carved Arris engagement ring. A recent commission, the rose gold engagement ring is set with a round brilliant cut diamond and features the distinctive sculptural curves and flowing lines of our Arris rings. The diamond is held securely in an asymmetric rose gold bezel, which exposes the sides of the stone to view. The stone's warmth and colour are complimented and enhanced by the brushed gold surfaces that surround it.  On one side of the ring a tiny white diamond is set just below the main stone, slightly hidden from view.

Cognac diamond engagement rings are among our most popular designs. Found in shades from pale mink through to rich deep brown, no two cognac diamonds are ever quite the same. Their subtle colouring and brilliant diamond fire make them one of our favourite stones to work with. Cognac diamonds are ideal for engagement rings, combining the resilience and sparkle that makes diamonds so sought-after with a variety of shades that offer unrivalled choice.

This engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind design based on our Arris ring series. Arris rings are all unique pieces, individually carved by hand from wax. Carving enables us to create fluid forms with graceful proportions. When designing Arris rings we treat them as miniature sculptures and aim to create balanced forms, which can be appreciated from any angle.

Hand-carved Arris rings are an ideal choice if you’re looking for an engagement ring that is completely unique. Our hand-carved engagement and wedding rings are individually made and each is one-of-a-kind. See more carved rings in our online collection or drop in to see us in our London store and try on our latest designs.  Visit our bespoke page to find out about commissioning a ring.