Sigma yellow gold Arris ring with pave white diamonds

SIgma yellow gold Arris ring with pave white diamonds

The Sigma ring heralds a new development for our hand-carved Arris rings. This unique yellow gold and diamond cocktail ring features an S-shaped swirl of 18-carat gold accentuated by a line of pavé white diamonds. Made with a generous amount of metal, the Sigma ring has a satisfying weight and balance. Its curvaceous form features dramatic, sculptural swirls of yellow gold, which are brushed to bring out the hue of the metal.

This unique statement ring is part of our Arris series of rings. While many feature an unusual or particularly beautiful gemstone, the Sigma ring places emphasis on the beauty of the sculpted metal form.

Created with equal consideration given to all angles, the Sigma ring has balanced proportions and graceful lines.  It's smooth brushed gold surfaces and sweeping curves are highlighted by brightly burnished edges. Pavé white diamonds are used to accent and enhance its dramatic swirling form. A mirror-shine polished finish alongside matt brushed gold adds further contrast.

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