'Spark' lightning bolt wedding rings

His and hers 'Spark' wedding rings

This pair of lightning bolt shaped wedding bands was inspired by a nickname. The name ‘Sparks’ had also inspired the engagement ring and became the theme for much of the wedding.

David worked with the clients to design the bespoke matching wedding rings. The aim was to design a pair of wedding rings which would reference the engagement ring (a zigzag of white gold and diamonds), but with their own distinct style. The result are these unusual lightning bolt shaped ‘Spark’ wedding rings.

David began sketching design ideas on paper, refining the initial concepts to reach the final design for a matching pair of wedding rings.

Initial designs for Spark wedding rings

The two wedding rings were hammer-forged from 18 carat white gold. Pieces of forged gold were hand-cut and assembled to create jagged lines which zig-zag over the finger.

The matching wedding rings are variations of the same shape. The heavier mens ring is unset, with a brushed satin finish. The more delicate ladies ring is polished and micro-pave set with sparkling white diamonds. The two rings make a dramatic pair and were a lot of fun to make!