Spinels - The Jewellery Industry's Hidden “Spark”

4- claw- ring- platinum- oval-red-spinel 4

Spinel - derived from the Greek work “spark” is the best kept secret of the jewellery industry. For thousands of years this precious gemstone was mistaken for ruby and sapphire and it wasn’t until 1783 that spinel’s were truly recognised in their own right. One of the most famous examples of a spinel “ruby” is found in the British Imperial Crown (housed in the Tower of London) where the long thought of “Black Princes Ruby” was discovered to be a 170 carat crimson-red spinel. Spinels, which offer a range of hues, from vibrant oranges, intense reds to vibrant pinks, deep blues and all shades of purple, spawned the birth of the science gemmology due to the need to distinguish it from ruby’s and sapphires.

Rose gold Arris ring with oval pink spinel and two pink diamonds

Pink spinel and carved white gold cocktail ring on hand

Increasing demand for ruby alternatives has rekindled appreciation for spinel’s rich colour and history, which previously has gone under-appreciated. In ancient times, spinels were the property of and traded between kings and emperors of south east Asia where remarkably large crystals were mined. Bright red and deep blue spinels are actually rarer that rubies and sapphires. Violet to blue spinel can be coloured by trace amounts of iron, and vibrant blues owe their saturated colour to trace amounts of cobalt. Their vibrant reds and pinks are created by traces of chromium; the higher the chromium content, the stronger the red hue. The intense oranges and purples crystals owe their colour to a combination of iron and chromium.

4- claw- ring- platinum- oval-red-spinel 4

This enchanting red spinal is not short on ancient, magical charm, making it easy to understand why it was so popular amongst emperors and queens. The intense sparkle makes this spinel completely captivating, glittering from every angle. The oval cut of the stone is accentuated by the four-claw collet that encases it, magnifying its royal and elegant shape. Gracefully supporting the scarlet gem is a delicate platinum ring, the subtle grey tones of the metal allowing the spinel to take a fiery centre stage

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