Statement Arris diamond engagement rings.

arris ring platinum white marquise diamond 0.70ct

These two white diamond engagement rings are our newest editions to the ever growing Arris collection. The Arris engagement rings are uniquely crafted and a contemporary alternative to the traditional engagement ring style. Arris is defined as when two planes meet to form a salient angle; which delineates our inspiration for this collection. These two rings were carved from wax, sculpted to accentuate the stone. Clean lines and soft angles create a contrast of asymmetry and balance; the brushed strokes of the metal flows from the diamond down through the ring, contouring the curves of the body. Glittering white 0.70ct diamonds are encased in wide platinum bezels designed to echo the marquis and cushion cut of the diamonds. The soft grey tone of the platinum compliments the white diamonds acting like a mirror reflecting their sparkle to give the stones an added depth and fire.

Wax carving is an old age technique, which dates back six thousand years. This is a particularly special craftsmanship as each piece is one of a kind. We chose to use wax carving for our Arris rings because of the organic and natural character it creates. The Arris rings are holistically designed; care and attention going into the entire ring with the philosophy that each part of the ring is intimately interconnected thus, creating a beautiful whole.

Arris rings range from exclusive engagement and wedding rings to show-stopping statement pieces. Pop into our store to view and try on these rings. If you are interested in commissioning an Arris ring you can get in touch via our website or visit our London store to view our collection. You can also visit our bespoke page to learn about the process. We love working with clients around the world to develop new ideas and designs.