Unusual wedding rings

Unusual Mobius and crossover wedding rings

Clients often come to us looking for unusual wedding rings that reflect their individual style and personality. They can browse and choose from the unusual wedding rings in our collection, combine or adapt an existing ring or work with us to design a bespoke wedding ring just for them.

We've put together this selection of our recent commissions to show how individual and unusual wedding rings can be.

The rings above are a white gold Mobius wedding ring and ladies' white gold and diamond Crossover wedding ring. These two unusual wedding rings from our collection work beautifully together as a wedding ring set. We make Mobius wedding rings for men or women in various widths. Click here to see more Mobius wedding rings on our blog. A rose gold and diamond Crossover ring and fully set white diamond and platinum Crossover ring can be seen in our wedding and engagement ring collection online.

Unusual wedding rings for men and women

This quirky bespoke pair of 'Spark' lightning bolt shaped wedding bands was another recent commission. The unusual matching his and hers wedding rings were hand-forged from white gold. The men's wedding ring is larger and has a brushed satin finish. The more delicate ladies' band is brightly polished and set with sparkling white diamonds. There is a lovely story to the design - visit our previous post on on these unusual wedding rings to read the full story.

Unusual wedding rings: matching rose gold and cognac diamond mens and womens wedding rings

The rose gold wedding ring set above combines an unusual carved men's wedding ring with a ladies' cognac diamond eternity wedding ring. Our carved wedding rings for men are individually  hand-carved and each ring is unique. The ladies wedding ring is set with cognac diamonds, which combine beautifully with rose gold. Brown diamonds are a wonderful way to add personality to a wedding ring. Choose from myriad shades from pale champagne to cognac and deep chocolate brown.

Unusual yellow gold and cognac diamond engagement and wedding ring set

The unusual engagement and wedding ring set above is made from 18 carat yellow gold and set with cognac diamonds. These bespoke his and hers wedding rings were designed to match the marquise diamond engagement ring, a design from our collection. The two brushed gold wedding rings echo it's shape; the ladies' ring with a v-shaped insert of pave cognac diamonds and the men's band with a v-shaped cut out.

Mens Damascus steel wedding ring and ladies rose gold Crossover wedding ring

The unusual pair of wedding rings above is a combination of rings from our collection. This time a Damascus steel men's wedding band is paired with an unusual rose gold ladies wedding ring with cognac diamonds. The Damascus steel mens wedding ring is lined with 18 carat yellow gold. These can be see in our collection in-store lined with 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold.

Unusual forged wedding rings for men and women

Our unusual forged wedding rings (above and below) are individually hand made. Each ring is hand-forged from precious metal bar; gradually hammered to taper and form it. Forged rings are an ideal choice if you're looking for an individual ring with a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Shown above are matching his and hers forged wedding rings with a brushed satin finish, which emphasises the sleek forms and colour of the metal. The unusual gold wedding rings below are forged from 18 carat yellow gold. These modern wedding rings wrap around the finger and finish with a wide angled tip.

Unusual yellow gold wedding rings

This selection shows just a few possibilities for unusual and alternative wedding rings. To find out more visit our bespoke commissions page, contact us for a chat or visit our Exmouth Market atelier to discuss options and see our collection in-store.