A Scallop Shell Inspired Signet Ring

Following on from our new and elegant Arris signet ring we posted about recently, here is another unique signet ring that has its own style and has a very individual story. Vlad contacted us to make a signet ring for his partner Tania, that had a similar profile to a ring her mother owns. The original ring has a large bulbous top to it and Tania knew she wanted something that followed the footsteps of this ring but for it to have its own meaning to her.

Scallop Shell Signet Ring in 18 carat yellow gold

The design took inspiration from Camino de Santiago, a network of pilgrimages leading to the shrine of Saint James in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The scallop shell is used in this pilgrimage, to guide people to the Cathedral. Definitely a challenge to translate the shapes of this shell onto a signet ring that needed such a specific shape but we never shy away from a challenge! 

Hand carved in wax, as shown in the video above, then cast into luxurious 18ct yellow gold and finished with a soft satin texture with polished edges for a small sparkle when they catch the light, this is a one of a kind ring that we really enjoyed designing. We hope Tania and Vlad both love this ring.

If you would like to discuss creating a bespoke ring that has an important meaning for you or your loved one, please get in touch for a chat.