Opal and Emerald Twist Yellow Gold Pendant for a Special Anniversary

There are few stones in the world that have the colour and fire of opals. Whether it is a white or black opal, the reds, greens and blues that flash across the surface of these unique and remarkable stones is a mesmerising sight. Similarly, there are few stones that hold the deep and luxurious greens of emeralds. Pairing the two stones together can only be a recipe for success.   

Opal and Emerald Yellow Gold Twist Pendant

David contacted us a few months ago to request such a pairing. He had previously worked with us for his wife’s engagement ring and both of their wedding rings in 2017. Coming up on their 5 year anniversary, David wanted to create a piece to celebrate the occasion, as well as celebrating their children, and requested a pendant be made for his wife that would include both of their children’s birthstones.  

Opal and emerald twist pendant sketch

We got to work on David’s request and taking inspiration from some of our previous pendants, we designed a twist pendant that would have the metal overlap and culminate in the opal and emerald being beside each other. Made in 18ct yellow gold, this pendant is truly beautiful. We sent it overseas to David in the US and once it arrived, he sent us an email to say “it is wonderful. Truly a beautiful piece and I know it will be so meaningful to my wife”. Below is a video of the process from the sketch, to choosing the stones, the pendant before it was bezel set and the finished product. 

If you would like to discuss commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery, such as a special anniversary gift like this, and would like for it to include yours or your loved ones birthstones, get in touch. We would love to collaborate with you on your ideal piece of jewellery and future heirloom.