Amethyst pendant and earrings - it started with stunning gemstones and a sketch

Since finding these three three unique amethysts on one of our annual gemstone buying trips to Inhorgenta in Munich (look out for updates on our latest trip later in the year) they have been nestled in our gemstone boxes waiting to be used in something special. 

The time came just before Christmas when we were asked to create a matching pendant and earrings so the first step was to go back to pencil and paper and create a set of sketches. 

Once the design was chosen we got to work on creating these beautiful settings, with no straight edges it took all of our goldsmithing skills and knowledge to completely hand make the pendant and earrings. As with many of our pieces they started with gold bar.

Here are just a few images of work in progress… starting with the pendant

And then the earrings...

As with all of our pieces, once the goldsmithing was completed the pendant and earrings moved over to our setting bench where the amethysts were set into place. All of our setting is done under a microscope so we can see every detail and make sure all the stones are safe and secure.

We couldn’t have been happier with how the finished pieces looked and they are now being loved, admired and worn by their new owner. 

Our open workshops mean if you are ever in our London or Dublin ateliers you might just see some of our jewellery being made. We are always happy to answer any questions about what we are working on or the tools we are using. If you have any thoughts or ideas about pieces that you might like to have made get in touch.