The making of our hammered wedding rings

You may have seen our hammered bands on our website or in one of our Ateliers but here is a little more about the making of each and every ring. All of our hammered bands start life as gold or platinum bar. See the range of metal colours here.


Taking into account the width and finger size that the finished ring needs to be we will anneal and roll down the wire to the correct dimensions. Gold hardens when worked so annealing, or heating the gold makes it flexible enough to roll down without cracking and splitting.

Once the gold is rolled to the correct size it will made up into a ring shape ready to be soldered.

Soldering uses small pieces of precious metal (solder) placed over the joint of the ring, the whole ring is then heated until the solder melts and you should be able to see it flow through the join in the ring. Once the ring is finished the join will be invisible.

 Before the ring is hammered the ring is filed and sanded to make the perfect surface for the hammering.


 When ready the ring is hammered, we have a special hammer for this purpose which has a textured, faceted head which gives our hammered wedding band the unique texture and finish.

 While hammering the ring we will make sure the ring is the right finger size and once the perfect size the edges of the ring need to be carefully filed so there is a nice smooth edge. The inside of the ring is then rounded for comfort.

The final part of the process is for the ring to be hallmarked by the independent assay office and once this is done the ring can go to its new home. In this case the ring made it's way to Los Angeles.

 If you are ever passing by one of our workshops and hear some hammering we may well be working on a hammered wedding ring. 

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to enquire about having a hammered wedding band made.

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