Sapphires - a rainbow of colours

While generally thought of as a blue gemstone, sapphires do in fact come in a variety of colours. Sapphires that are not blue are known as fancy sapphires and may be any colour, except red which is ruby, (a little more about rubies later) they can be pink, yellow, orange, purple, green and grey. 

Working with our partners at Wennick-Lefevre we have many coloured sapphires which as well as being unheated, have been responsibly mined and cut.

Our Fairtrade collection showcases many coloured sapphires set into Fairtrade gold. See the full collection here


As well as Wennick-Lefevre we have sourced sapphires in every hue from the various stone dealers that we have created close relationships with. All of our gemstones are purchased with a written guarantee that they are conflict free and where possible we will be able to tell you it's origin. 

Pretty in pink, this dazzling pink sapphire, which we set into one of our Arris rings, is from Sri Lanka, the gemstone dealer that supplied this stone has direct and exclusive mine access so can guarantee green and environmentally sustainable mining. The safety of miners and all who work in the processing of the gems is paramount, as is local community empowerment. 


We were recently lucky enough to make a stunning engagement ring with a rarely seen grey emerald cut sapphire. If grey is your colour we have another special grey sapphire waiting to be made into an Aegis ring as it is stunningly shield shaped, look out for a peak at it below.

When looking at fancy coloured sapphires we couldn’t not mention the beautiful and unique Padparadscha sapphire. An extremely rare and collectible variety that is a mix of pink and orange, the word is derived from the Sanskrit word for the rich colour of lotus blossom. We paired a beautiful padparadscha sapphire with rose gold in one of our wave rings. We also have a GIA certificated oval Padpardscha sapphire in our loose stone collection waiting to be used in one of our next pieces, contact us if you would like to make it yours.

We are always on the look out for interestingly coloured sapphires and these are just some of those we have in our gemstones collection at the moment. Get in touch if something catches your eye. 

Corundum is the mineral species which includes all colours of sapphire, if blue it is known simply as sapphire, other colours are fancy sapphires or described by the colour, but if red it is know as a ruby. It is trace elements which become part of the crystal structure that cause variations in the colour. Chromium is the trace element that causes ruby's red which can range from orangey to to purplish red. The more chromium the stronger the red colour. This trilliant ruby was a stunning, rich ruby red, often known as pigeon blood red.

Sapphires and rubies share the same gemstone properties, being a 9 on the Mohs' hardness scale, just one behind diamonds at 10, they are hardwearing and ideally suited for an engagement ring if you are looking for a splash of colour. Here are just a selection of the fancy coloured sapphire rings that we have made in the past.

Whatever your favourite colour there is a good chance that there will be a sapphire to match so if you are looking for a particular colour let us know and we would be happy to source one for you.