Arris carved yellow gold and emerald ring

Carved Arris yellow gold and emerald ring

This asymmetric yellow gold and emerald ring is the newest Arris ring to be added our collection. The ring is set with a vivid green Zambian emerald and made from 18-carat gold, with a wide bezel of 22-carat gold surrounding the stone. The two contrasting tones of yellow gold combine beautifully with the emerald and enhance its deep green colour. Set diagonally across the finger, the 1.54-carat emerald is balanced by the smooth, sculpted curves and fluid lines of the ring.

The ring's distinctive sculptural form is the result of hand-carving in wax.  We make all of our Arris rings in this way, carving them in wax before casting them in precious metal. We treat these unique rings like miniature sculptures and consider the design from every angle - often the back of a ring will be as interesting and detailed as the front.

This emerald and yellow gold ring is a stunning example of our Arris rings and is currently available to view in-store. Our collection of Arris rings is constantly evolving as we add new pieces. To find out how to commission an Arris ring get in touch or visit our London store to view the collection.