Rose gold and Paraiba tourmaline Wave engagement ring commission

Oval Paraiba tourmaline and rose gold Wave engagement ring

A Wave engagement ring, made from 18-carat rose gold and set with an incredible neon-green oval Paraiba tourmaline. The vivid green gem is set at an angle across the finger and is surrounded by a swirl of precious metal. A smooth wave of 18-carat rose gold sweeps around the oval tourmaline to form an open bezel setting for the stone. Made as a recent commission, this rose gold and Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring was a stunning piece and we were more than a little sad to see it go!

Paraiba tourmaline is a beautiful stone with a distinctive neon blue-green colour, which is caused by traces of copper. It is named for the state of Paraiba in Brazil, where it was first discovered in the 80's. Prized for its vivid colour and brilliant sparkle, Paraiba can appear so bright it seems to glow from within. It is rarer than diamonds, with just one Paraiba tourmaline mined for every 10,000 diamonds! The oval Paraiba tourmaline in this ring is a perfect example and displays the wonderful colour and glow that make this stone so special.

The oval stone is perfectly-proportioned for an engagement ring and works well in the Wave design. Our Wave rings can be adapted to accommodate stones of different shapes and proportions. In the past we've made Wave engagement rings with pear, round and oval stones of various sizes, some of these can be seen below. The setting can also be scaled up to create dramatic dress rings with large coloured stones.

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