Arris cushion cut yellow diamond and platinum engagement ring commission

Arris cushion-cut yellow diamond and platinum engagement ring

A recent commission, this Arris engagement ring combines a cushion cut yellow diamond with sculptural hand-carved platinum. The unusual asymmetric design balances smooth curves of brushed platinum with a glittering yellow diamond set at an angle across the finger. Bright mirror-polished platinum surfaces below the diamond reflect and enhance its colour. The diamond is held in place by a wide platinum bezel on either side, which is curved to echo the cushion cut diamond.

The vivid contrast between bright yellow diamond and soft grey platinum makes this engagement ring especially striking. Platinum's cool grey tone can make coloured gems seem even brighter by comparison, which is why we often pair coloured gems with platinum or white gold.


Arris platinum engagement ring with cushion cut yellow diamond

Asymmetric yet balanced, the yellow diamond and platinum Arris engagement ring is sculpted by hand in wax and is one-of-a-kind. Each of our Arris rings is carved in this way to create a wax model, which is then cast into precious metal. Hand carving in wax allows us to create the organic sculptural curves characteristic of our Arris rings. The rings echo the undulating curves of natural forms and compliment the contours of the body when worn.  Arris rings range from unique engagement and wedding rings to show-stopping statement pieces.

Arris cushion cut yellow diamond and platinum engagement ring

Our collection of Arris rings is constantly evolving as we add new pieces. To find out how to commission an Arris ring get in touch or visit our London store to view the collection.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of jewellery, visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or get in touch for a chat. We are always happy to explore new ideas and work with clients throughout the world. More of our bespoke jewellery and unique Arris rings can be seen in our journal, or shop our collection online.