Arris carved and hammered white and rose gold men's wedding band

Arris carved hammered mens wedding band white and rose gold

A unique Arris carved and hammered men's wedding ring made from 18-carat white and rose gold. Made as a recent commission, this unusual men's wedding ring combines hammered white gold and sculpted rose gold in a single band. The rose gold portion of the band was carved by hand to create smooth, sculptural curves, these are accentuated by contrasting satin and highly polished surface finishes. The outer surfaces are brushed to a soft satin finish, while the inner curves are polished to a bright mirror finish.

This unique men's wedding ring is the first we've made in this design but it is not the first bi-metal ring we've made with hammered metal. The commission below is a bi-metal men's wedding ring that pairs hammered white gold with brushed rose gold. It is shown with two hammered men's wedding rings from our collection.

Hammered bi-metal mens wedding ring

Hammered men's wedding rings are made using a textured hammer. The ring is mounted on a mandrel and hammered using a faceted hammer to create a rough, dimpled texture in the metal, as seen below. This texture has an almost organic quality and a lovely dull lustre. The finish is long-lasting and very hard-wearing.

Making a mens hammered bi-metal wedding ring

The sculptural carved rose-gold portion of the band was inspired by our Arris rings. Arris rings are hand-carved in wax before being cast in precious metal. Carving in wax is a technique we use to create forms with fluid sweeping curves.

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