Bespoke opal and yellow gold cocktail ring with white diamond halo

Bespoke yellow gold and opal ring with white diamond halo

This opal cocktail ring is a stunner! Carved by hand, the bespoke yellow gold ring is set with an oval black opal and has a halo of white diamonds. The extraordinary opal flashes with brilliant green and blue hues. This wonderful play of colours is enhanced by the 18-carat yellow gold and diamond setting. Made with substantial quantities of precious metal, this opal and yellow gold cocktail ring is one-of-a-kind.

The stone in the ring is a black opal, which is the most vibrantly coloured variety of opal. Black opals are named for the dark body tone of the material. This dark backdrop makes the colours in black opal appear more vibrant. White opal has a milky-white body tone and it's colours seem muted by comparison.

The rainbow play-of-light characteristic of opals is caused by light refracting through tiny spheres of silica inside the stone. No two opals are alike as the arrays of silica spheres inside opals can create an incredible variety of colours and patterns. Their variety and individuality makes opals all the more special.

Bespoke yellow gold and opal Arris ring with white diamond halo

This unique opal and yellow gold cocktail ring is based on our Arris rings and was carved by hand from wax before being cast in 18-carat yellow gold. Carving enables us to create sculptural designs with fluid lines and smooth curves. The direct nature of the process means we can adjust forms and proportions to perfect the design before it is made in metal. Carving is used throughout our collection and you can see more carved rings in our Arris ring series and Dune wedding rings or browse our journal to see recent commissions for bespoke hand-carved rings.

To find out how to commission a unique cocktail ring of your own visit our bespoke page or contact us to discuss options.