Bespoke silver and gold cocktail ring with large blue gemstone

Arris carved statement cocktail ring with blue stone

This bespoke silver and gold cocktail ring is the largest Arris ring we've made so far. The bold scale allowed us to create an especially sculptural design, with undulating curves and swirling lines that spiral around the finger. Brushed silver hollows and brightly burnished ridges blend seamlessly into the gold bezel surrounding the stone. Made from sterling silver, 18-carat yellow gold and set with a large faceted blue gemstone, this unusual statement ring really is a show stopper!

Carved by hand and completely unique, the silver and gold cocktail ring is the newest design in our Arris ring series. The ring was hand-carved in wax before being cast in precious metal. This centuries-old technique is used throughout our collections to create sculptural one-of-a-kind designs. The direct nature of carving means we can see our designs come to life quickly, and can adjust proportions and lines instinctively to create smooth sculptural forms with of balance and flow.

You can see the carving process in the video below, which shows a ring from our Arris ring series in the making.

To find out how to commission a unique cocktail ring of your own visit our bespoke page or contact us to discuss options. You can also browse our journal to see more recent commissions for bespoke hand-carved rings or see some of the Arris rings in our collection.