Bespoke Tanzanite and diamond pendant

This elegant tanzanite and diamond pendant was a recent commission. Commissioned as a gift to complement a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring we had previously made, this piece was a delight to work on. Platinum was the natural choice of metal, highlighting the deep colour of the tanzanite and the sparkling white of the diamond.

Once the stones were chosen we began working on the on design. Inspiration was taken from the clients sapphire and diamond ring and after drawing a number of sketches a final design was chosen.


The platinum was forged and manipulated to create the delicate curves which wrap around the two stones. Having the stones and sketch on the bench allows for constant checking and measuring against the metal.

Once constructed, the pendant is then ready to be set. All of our setting is done in house, under a microscope for accuracy and precision. Drop into our workshop to see our designs being made first hand.


It is always a pleasure to create bespoke jewellery for our clients. We keep a constantly changing selection of unusual and unique gemstones in our collection for clients and can also source stones from some of Europe’s finest gem cutters. We are always happy to discuss ideas. To see more of our bespoke jewellery commissions here and read a little more about how the process works here.