Black rhodium and diamond drop earrings

Black rhodium drop earrings with randomly set diamond

Our latest pair of earrings take our collection of forged drop earrings in a fresh direction. These drop earrings are hand forged from yellow gold and plated with black rhodium. White diamonds of various sizes are scattered across the black rhodium surface, pavé set in a random pattern. The strong contrast of black rhodium and sparkling white diamonds shows off the pavé pattern and gives these elegant, traditionally hand-made earrings a decidedly modern appeal.

These earrings are a progression from ideas we've explored in previous designs. The sketches below show a pair of hand-forged drop earrings from our collection, which are set with tanzanite and white diamonds.

Sketches for a pair of forged earrings set with tanzanite and white diamonds

To pavé set diamonds we begin by marking out the placement of the stones. Throughout the setting process the earring is held securely in setter's cement and mounted on a ball vice. A hole is carefully drilled for each diamond and prongs are cut for each stone. The diamonds are then positioned in place and the prongs gently pressed against each stone to hold it in place. Once they have been set the earrings were given a final polish and then plated with black rhodium.