Opal and carved yellow gold Arris cocktail ring commission

Carved yellow gold Arris ring with black opal

Commissioned by a customer, this yellow gold and opal cocktail ring is the latest ring in our Arris series. Its sculptural shape is the result of hand carving, which allows us to create gentle, flowing curves. The soft lines and angles of the ring compliment the triangular Australian black opal.

Hand carved gold and opal Arris cocktail ring

The Australian black opal has a wonderful interplay of vivid blues and greens within the stone. These rich colours are characteristic of black opal. It's somewhat misleading name refers to the grey to black background colour of the stone, not to the rainbow of colours within it. This dark backdrop is what makes the flashes of colour in black opals look so much more vivid than in white opals. Due to their softness, opals must be set with care and precision to avoid damage, but their incomparable beauty and individuality makes it well worth the effort.

Carved wax model for gold and opal cocktail ring

Above you can see the hand carved wax model of the cocktail ring prior to casting. After refining the wax to adjust proportions and ensure a good fit for the stone it was cast in 18 carat yellow gold. The yellow gold ring is brushed to a matt finish and has burnished edges, which emphasise the sculptural quality of the design.

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