Carved rose gold ring set with pear and marquise diamonds

Hand carved rose gold dress ring set with pear and marquise diamonds

Interlocking rose gold rings, hand carved and set with a pear and marquise diamond. This striking set of Arris rings is a commission and includes a pear white diamond, which had sentimental attachment for our client. The two hand-carved rings are shaped to fit snugly together and the tip of each diamond tucks in next to the other.

This unusual pair of rings is a continuation of our carved Arris ring series. Each one is unique, individually carved by hand for a specific stone. Carving enables us to create substantial yet elegant pieces, with balanced proportions and smooth, flowing curves.

The pear white diamond was the customers’ own from an existing piece of jewellery. Occasionally, when a stone has significance or sentimental attachment for a client, we can rework an existing piece of jewellery and transform it into something new. Visit our bespoke page to find out how to commission a piece of jewellery.

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