Carved platinum Arris ring with round blue sapphire

Arris carved platinum ring with round blue sapphire

Bright blue sapphire and pale grey brushed platinum make a stunning contrast in this colourful Arris ring. The sapphire and platinum ring is a new addition to our collection and is set with a beautiful 1.49 carat blue sapphire. A wide, asymmetric platinum bezel surrounds the sapphire and is partly open on each side, exposing the sides of the stone to view. The sapphire's intense cornflower-blue colour is emphasised by the cool, neutral tones of the metal around it.

The graceful curves of this sapphire ring are the result of hand-carving and are characteristic of our Arris rings. We use carving throughout our collection to achieve fluid lines and balanced proportions. Each Arris ring is carved to fit a particular gemstone perfectly and every Arris ring is unique.

Arris carved platinum ring with round blue sapphire

This platinum and sapphire ring is a stunning example of our Arris rings and is currently available to view in-store. Our collection of Arris rings is constantly evolving as we add new pieces. To find out how to commission an Arris ring get in touch or visit our London store to view the collection.