Dune - unique hand-carved textured mens wedding bands

Dune textured hand-carved wedding band in white gold

Dune wedding bands are new to our collection and are textured with distinctive carved patterns. Developed from our Arris ring series, these unusual textured wedding rings are carved by hand. Their unique, undulating textures are sculpted in wax before being cast in precious metal.

Dune hand-carved textured wedding rings 18ct white rose yellow gold

Dune wedding rings are brushed to a soft matt-satin finish and then brightly burnished along the ridges to highlight their rippling patterns. This surface finish emphasises the dramatic peaks and hollows of precious metal. The video above shows how their deep textures catch the light beautifully when the rings are turned.

Arris Dune textured wedding rings in yellow and white gold

The Dune wedding rings above are made from 18-carat yellow gold (left) and 18-carat white gold (right).  Dune wedding rings are available in 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold or platinum and can be made in various sizes and widths to suit men or women.

To find out about commissioning a Dune wedding ring get in touch or visit our London store to view the collection.