Carved platinum and colour changing alexandrite engagement ring commission

Carved platinum engagement ring with colour change alexandrite stone
Our latest hand-carved engagement ring is set with a beautiful alexandrite gemstone. Alexandrite is the most valuable form of chrysoberyl and one of the rarest coloured gems. It's natural reflective properties cause it to appear blue to green in daylight and red under tungsten light, earning it the name 'emerald by day, ruby by night'. Alexandrite was first found in Russia in the 1800's and was named after the Tsar, Alexander II.
Carved platinum and alexandrite colour-change engagement ring
The alexandrite stone is set at an angle into a hand-carved platinum ring. One-of-a-kind, the engagement ring was commissioned by a customer and designed especially for this stone. As with our previous carved rings, it was carved by hand from wax before being cast into precious metal. The engagement ring flows in a gentle S-shape and follows the curve of the cushion-cut stone.

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