Creating a sculptural pear shape diamond engagement ring and mobius inspired wave wedding rings.

We were delighted to be asked to create a special set of rings for a great couple. Having visited our Dublin atelier initially to discuss the designs, the rest of the project was done remotely before the rings were shipped off to their new home in Texas.

Incorporating aspects of some of our current Arris rings such as this stunning Mandarin garnet ring a wax model was then carved for the pear shaped diamond.


Rose gold and pear shape mandarin garnet ring


Rose gold and pear shape mandarin garnet ring.


The matching mens wedding band echoed the curves of the engagement ring and is also reminiscent of our Mobius rings with a continuous twist.

With these two rings being made we were asked to create a third ring to sit next to the engagement ring. Picking up the wax carving tools the model nestles next to the pear shaped diamond ring and ties in nicely with the mens band. Don't worry, the diamonds will be set the right way up! We place them upside down on the flat table of the diamond so we can plan where they will sit, when set we drill into the metal and they will be set point down so they sparkle and catch the light.

 Here are the three finished rings... 

Carved, fitted wedding band with 5 flush set diamonds, carved arris engagement ring with pear shape diamond
Craved Arris engagement ring with pear shape diamond, means carved, wave, mobius wedding bandMen and ladies carved, wave, mobius wedding bands
Two angles of curved wave mobius wedding band
We were really pleased with how the rings turned out and the process of carving the waxes inspired us to work on new designs. If you have any commissions in mind please do get in touch.