Halo, cluster and three stone rings, something a little unexpected from McCaul

While we are probably best know for our contemporary and sculptural designs we have also added our own detailing to some more classic commissions of late.

The brief for this Art Deco inspired ring was centred around finding an elongated baguette shaped aquamarine. I think we did quite well with the stone we found!

As with many of our rings, it starts with the central gem which we will then build the  ring design around. In this case it was to be surrounded with a halo of diamonds forming an octagonal overall shape.

Continuing the taper from the band right up the aquamarine setting is another lovely detail reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

Our stone setting is award winning but this ring features a detail that you might not have seen on many of our pieces before, the milgrain edge, coming from a French word that means "one thousand grains" the small beads of metal create a unique detail at the edge of borders.

Art deco style ring with baguette shaped aquamarine and white diamond surround


There is little more regal than a sapphire and diamond halo ring but look closely and this ring contains some small details that you will see throughout our collections.

Rather than a rounded band the band of this ring has a more sculptural feel, the knife edge profile was a reminder and link to a mobius band bought previously as a special gift.

We were keen to keep the flowing feel of our sculpted four claw rings and included a v shaped cut out which also allows a glimpse of the side of the stone when the ring is worn.

This ring also started with the sapphire which is a stunning 1.56ct Ceylon sapphire from Sri Lanka. We then laid out different sized diamonds until we had the perfect combination.

You might also notice the talon shaped claws, a design detail that can be added to many of our claw set ring designs if it catches your eye.

Rose gold sapphire halo ring with white diamonds, knife edge band
Side profile or rose gold, sapphire and white diamond halo ring. Knife edge band and talon claws

Another halo ring saw us pair an emerald cut centre diamond with a border of round brilliant cut diamonds.

To emphasise the shape and to contrast with the yellow gold and dazzling white diamonds there is a small border of black rhodium plating, a small detail which has a big impact. 

Yellow gold and white emerald cut diamond ring with halo of white diamonds, black rhodium border detail

Our sculpted four claw ring is a McCaul staple but we haven't stopped with one stone, we have evolved the design to work with three gemstones. We were delighted to work with a special couple on a stunningly unique ring.

Inspired by the diamond shapes of our Aegis rings we found a unique pair of shield shaped white diamonds to sit next to a pear shaped cognac coloured diamond.

Made in 18ct rose gold, with a sweeping side profile and talon shaped claws the finished ring really was stunning.

Matching pairs of shield and kite shaped diamonds are quite rare so we will be keeping our eyes open for more to use in the future.

Rose gold ring with pear shape cognac diamond and shield shaped white diamonds

 Multi view image of rose gold and pear shape cognac diamond and shield shaped white diamond ring

Here are just some of the other halo, cluster and three stone rings that we have made in the past. Adding white diamonds really makes the central coloured gemstone shine and the possibilities are endless.

Multiple image of cluster, halo ad three stone rings

Please do feel free to get in touch with us if you have any thoughts or ideas for a commission.