The best gemstones for engagement rings

As beautiful as they are, white diamonds are just one of a multitude of gemstones that can be used in engagement rings. The durability and brilliant sparkle of diamonds make them highly prized and a natural choice for a ring which symbolises enduring love, but there are many other beautiful gemstones that are durable enough to use for engagement rings. These include ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, garnet and spinel, which are all excellent gemstones for engagement rings and open up a broad palette of colours as well as options to suit all budgets.

It is important to consider durability when choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring. After all, engagement rings are designed to be worn everyday for a lifetime. Diamonds are the most durable gemstone, however ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, garnet and spinel are also hard enough to withstand everyday wear and will remain sparkling and beautiful for many years. Softer stones can also be used, provided they are treated with care and are checked regularly. Over time softer stones may scratch, but depending on the stone it may be possible to polish or re-cut them to restore their beauty.
Colourful engagement ring with blue spinel and white gold
Unusal forged platinum and pear shaped pear shaped paraiba ring
An advantage of choosing a coloured gemstone is that bringing colour into the equation means more opportunity to work symbolism into a design. For example, rubies are traditionally associated with passion, fire and romance, and sapphire with truth and beauty.

Soft colours such as pale pink or champagne can be a good way to introduce easy-to-wear colour that will endure the test of time and changing tastes.

Cognac and champagne diamond rings

If you decide on a diamond for your engagement ring consider that there are shades ranging from palest pink, to canary yellow and rich, deep cognac, not just white. For ideas see some of our previous designs for engagement rings with coloured gemstones.

There are many gemstones and a rainbow of colours to choose from for your engagement ring. Whatever you decide, bear in mind that gemstones are naturally formed and no two are exactly alike. When you find the right one don't pass it by!