Hand carved gold and yellow diamond ring


Recently finished and sitting pretty in our shop window is this remarkable hand-carved 18-carat yellow gold and yellow diamond ring.
It is set with a lovely pale rose cut yellow diamond. The beautiful light lemon hue of the diamond is entirely natural, and at 1.23ct it is a beautiful and substantial gemstone. The sculptural ring is carved by hand to create a fluid asymmetric form that compliments the stone perfectly.

The 'rose' diamond cut has been used in various forms since the mid 16th century but is less commonly seen in modern jewellery. The rose cut diamond has a rounded, faceted top; its crown is comprised of triangular facets. These facets create a subtle glittering effect. By contrast, the brilliant cut diamond, has a flat table on the top with the facets on the underside of the stone. The brilliant cut is designed to maximise the light reflected from within a stone, thus brilliant cut stones sparkle more and appear brighter than other cuts. The brilliant cut is the most widely used in modern jewellery, however rose cut stones are having a resurgence.

Wax-carved, yellow gold and yellow diamond ring

The yellow gold has been brushed to a soft matt-satin finish, which emphasises the smooth curves of the form. A contrasting mirror-polished channel passes beneath the stone, reflecting light up into the diamond and enhancing the stone's sparkle.

Wax-carved yellow gold and rose-cut yellow diamond ring

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