Forged yellow gold and platinum three-stone cocktail ring with old-cut diamonds

Forged three-stone yellow gold and platinum cocktail ring with old-cut diamonds

A bespoke yellow gold and platinum cocktail ring set with three old-cut diamonds. This unusual statement ring is hand-forged from 18-carat yellow gold bar and has a platinum collet around the central stone. At one end the ring forks and tapers, curving around two of the diamonds to hold them in partly-open bezels. The largest of the three diamonds is set in a platinum rubover-setting, which graduates smoothly into the yellow gold band. This curvaceous statement ring is a stunner!

The diamonds used in the ring are 'old cut', which was the most widely used style of cutting from the late 1800s to the 1930s. Old cut diamonds are cut by hand and have deeper proportions to the modern round brilliant cut diamond. This means that they reflect light differently and appear darker than modern brilliant cut diamonds. The brilliant cut was scientifically developed to bounce light back out of the stone in the most efficient way, this is what gives brilliant cut stones the bright white sparkle that they are named for.

This unusual modern cocktail ring was forged by hand from 18-carat yellow gold bar and is one-of-a-kind. The metal was hammered carefully to taper it down and create the elegant curves encircle two of the diamonds. The gold has been brushed to a matt-satin finish to enhance the colour of the metal and contrast with the sparkling diamonds.

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